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  • Blank Team Tag

These team tags, also known as apparatus or vehicle tags, measure approximately 2" wide by 4" tall and feature Velcro on the front and back surface.

This version of the team tag is blank.

It's designed to accept individual member tags in order to convey which member is on a certain team or using a certain apparatus.  As shown, five white member tags* (also blank for this example) are attached to the team tag via the front surface Velcro. *Member tags shown are not included.

Included Options

You can choose from a variety of colors for the team tags. In a typical configuration, white is the color used for primary team tags, while a back-up tag is engraved in red acrylic. A third color, green, is used for mutual aid departments that don't have their own tag system or to temporarily replace a lost white or red tag. White and red tags are typically mounted in the cab of the apparatus, and green tertiary tags are kept in the "make-up kit" and are only used as needed.

Additional Options

Team tags are usually 4" tall, but 6" and 8" tall options are available to fit more member tags.

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