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  • Resource Management Card

A resource management card is an optional component of the Firefighter Accountability System. Resource management cards are 2.5" by 5" and used to provide the Staging/Logistics Officer or Base Manager with a summary of each vehicle's capabilities in the event that specialized equipment is needed or requested by Command. This often results in assignments being filled more quickly with the proper equipment. The Resource Management Card (RMC) can be used as a "ticket" in and out of the staging area or base without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the accountability system.

Each vehicle can be equipped with a resource management card containing information about the apparatus and what specialized equipment it carries. Each RMC can contain the same major components, in the same order, for all Departments.; if the vehicle is not equipped with the specified major component(s) that line can be left blank.

Included Options

Choose from a wide variety of colors for your resource management card. Enter any text to be engraved on the card in the Engraving Text field. Alternatively, you may upload a spreadsheet or similar document file that contains the data you need engraved via the Engraving Data Upload option.

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