Black Perpetual Axe Plaque

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SMALL CHROME AXE heads are currently unavailable and may not be back in stock until May.  Please understand that if you proceed with ordering Chrome your order will be delayed.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Our axes are made in the U.S. using solid cast brass and are either highly polished and lacquered or chrome-plated for a superior product.  We never offer foreign made axes nor cut corners on quality.

This black finish firefighters plaque measures 16" by 20" and includes a 15" fire axe with a brass or chrome plated head, 36 name plates (with up to 2 lines of text), a header plate, and a 3" Maltese cross casting. Honor the firefighters in your organization with this professionally finished step-edged plaque. Its smooth black finish makes your emblem and fire axe really stand out.  This plaque can be customized to fit your needs.

Great for:
  • Top Responder
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Firefighter of the Year
  • Retirement Plaque
  • Staffing Rosters

All axe heads are poured or milled by hand. Please be aware that due to the unique production process of the axe heads, slight imperfections and variations may be present on the surface of the axe head.

Please note that hickory flamed axe handles are individually charred, so variation will occur. 

Included Options

Included in the base price are a fire axe with a brass or chrome plated Diamond engraved head, an engraved header plate, up to 36 engraved perpetual plates and a 3" Maltese casting. Choose from several stock designs for your axe head artwork, or provide your own unique department patch or design*.  

*An artwork fee of $60 will apply for new designs. We appreciate 10 business days for processing orders with 'New Art'.  Any order with new artwork needed to ship within 6-9 business days will incur an expedited artwork charge of $75 - shipping within 5 business days will be $90. 

Additional Options:

On the axe head, we offer Laser engraving, which is engraved in black and will provide a bolder appearance.

The hickory axe handle can be Laser engraved with your choice of text. 

  • $352.00

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