Full Size Chrome Firefighter Axe Plaque

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You've found the original Full-size Firefighter axe plaque!

As Eagle Engraving's most recognized award for over 25 years, this USA-made 36" axe comes with a 5160 steel chrome plated head, flamed hickory or natural polished wood handle, and mounted on a 16" x 40" walnut or oak scalloped axe plaque  We never offer foreign made axes nor cut corners on quality.  It is fully assembled and can be customized for any occasion. Add your name cut out of your turnout gear, badges, helmet shields or any other items you wish!  Just choose "Mount Additional Items" and send them to us.  Email service@eagle-engraving.com for more information.

This is a beautiful and coveted award to recognize a retiring fire chief, a firefighter with an extended number of years, or whenever an occasion calls for that special recognition!

Note: All axe heads are poured or milled by hand. Please be aware that due to the unique production process of the axe heads, slight imperfections and variations may be present on the surface of the axe head. For chrome axes, a council tool logo may be stamped on the front and USA may be stamped on the back.

Please note that hickory flamed axe handles are individually charred, so variation will occur.

Included Options

Included in the base price are a fire axe with a brass or chrome plated diamond engraved head, presentation brackets, an engraved plate, and a large emblem.  Choose from several stock designs for your axe head artwork, or provide your own unique department patch or design*. 

*An artwork fee of $60 will apply for new designs. We appreciate 10 business days for processing orders with 'New Art'.  Any order with new artwork needed to ship within 6-9 business days will incur an expedited artwork charge of $75 - shipping within 5 business days will be $90.

Additional Options

Right and left small emblems are an additional $10 each.

The hickory axe handle can be Laser engraved with your choice of text. 

If you would like to personalize the plaque with your own provided items, the mounting charge would be an additional $10 per item.

Need some help with wording on the plate? Check out our sample wording page.

  • $549.00

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