Pulaski Tool Plaque

  • Pulaski Tool Plaque

An American-made chrome-plated Pulaski tool with a natural polished handle is mounted on 16" by 40" United States Forest Service plaque of solid walnut or solid oak with scalloped corners. This award is designed to acknowledge the strength and determination of the US Wildland firefighter.

Included Options:

An engraved plate on your choice of walnut or oak plaque board is included in the base price. Choose from several stock designs for your plate, or provide your own unique department patch or design*.

*An art processing fee may apply for new designs.

Additional Options:

The Pulaski tool can be mounted on chrome presentation brackets or chrome spring-loaded brackets. You can also choose from several castings and medallions, and the hickory axe handle can be laser engraved with your choice of text.

This plaque as pictured features a chrome-plated head, a Pulaski tool mounted directly to the board, a "US Forest Service" casting and an engraved plate.

  • $462.00

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