Delivery Information

When calling to confirm your order, we will go over your delivery details with you. We use UPS to ship our packages.

Shipping rates are based on your subtotal (with some exceptions for especially large or small items).

Running Subtotal ItemsPer-Item
(These items don’t count towards subtotal)
Order TotalShipping PriceItemShipping Price
Under $25$7.25Lg Axe Plaque$60
$25.01-$50$10.95Pulaski Axe Plaque$60
$50.01-$100$14.95Alum Axe Plaque$55
$100.01-$150$19.9528” Axe Plaque$40
$150.01-$200$24.95Medium Axe Plaque$35
$200.01 - $350$29.95Speaking Trumpets$20 small, $30 large
Items below will not count towards the subtotal for the above table, and are figured per-manufacturer. For example: all Blackinton items will count towards Blackinton’s “subtotal”. Third party manufacturers currently include: Blackinton, Hook-Fast, and Smith and Warren.
Order TotalShipping Price
MABAS Tags / Signs up to $150$5
MABAS Tags / Signs $150+$10
Third party mfc. up to $150$5.95
Third party mfc. $150+$11.95

While it seems a little complicated, all you have to do is add the items to your cart, and in the cart page click "Estimate Shipping". If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us! We feel our system has struck the best balance we could between being simple, fair, and fast. This enables us to accept credit card payments online, and give people a solid price on what shipping will be.

If you absolutely need to get a product sooner than it's listed turnaround time, contact us. Rush orders require approval and incur an additional charge of 10% (minimum $10). In addition, if you need us to ship an item out within one or two business days, we will need to add 50% to the shipping cost in addition to the 10% increase of the order price, as shipping costs may be much higher.