Firefighter Wife Prayer Plaque

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  • Firefighter Wife Prayer Plaque
7" x 9"
A great gift for a spiritual wife of a firefighter. This plaque features a prayer of protection for a firefighter.

Plaque Reads:

A Firefighter's Wife Prayer
Heavenly Father, I am asking You
To send your angels today,
To protect my firefighter husband
In a very special way.

I ask you to guide his thoughts and
Actions and keep him free from fear,
To bring him home safely again
To me and his family so dear.

Show me the way to let him know
I'm proud to be his wife.
I thank you Lord for giving me
This man with whom I share my life.

To keep those you love safe from harm
Is a goal that you both share,
I pray that as he follows in your ways

You hold him in your care.
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