Sample Wording

Presented to:
Chief Bruce Wayne
In recognition of 45 years
of dedicated service as a firefighter
and EMT. Your contributions
will not be forgotten
Eagle Fire Protection District
Presented to:
Captain Steve Rogers
In recognition of outstanding dedication
and service to the Boston Fire Department,
its members, and the community it serves
May 25, 2005
Presented to:
Lieutenant Clark Kent
In honor and deep appreciation for the
10 years of faithful and devoted service
given to the Philadelphia Fire Department and
the community we serve
Presented to:
EMT Diana Prince
In recognition of the 30 years of service
and dedication to the city of Chicago and
the Chicago Fire Department
January 11, 2004
Presented to:
Robert Bruce Banner
There are no words that can describe our love
and gratitude for the years of devoted service to
the San Francisco Fire Department and the
community of San Francisco

You will always be in our hearts
We will never forget you

April 20, 2000

In appreciation of your dedicated service to the
125th Div Fire & Emergency Services
Presented to:
Kurt Wagner
In recognition of your 20 years of
commitment and dedication as
President to the board of fire and
police commissioners

Presented on March 19, 2007
The City of St. Charles recognizes
Chief Tony Stark
for his years of continuous service
Presented to
Officer Frank Castle
In appreciation of your time and effort
on the behalf of the Janesville Fire/Rescue
Chapter of the Wisconsin State
Firefighter's Association
Presented to
Jean Grey
Thank you for your 25 years of service
as Chief. Your time and efforts have been
appreciated and will always be remembered
Presented by the Seattle Fire Department